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Bursa Jagiellońska - Tanie noclegi w Krakowie

Backpackers Hostel

Centre du Logement de l'Université Jagiellonne

ul. Sliska 14, 30-516 Krakow (Cracow), Poland
Tel. +48 12 397-31-13, Fax. +48 12 397-31-18, Mobile +48 501 721-949, e-mail:


Wycieczki szkolne do Krakowa

Wycieczki szkolne, grupy pielgrzymkowe - noclegi + wyżywienie

Hotel* "Junior Krakus" przy ul. Nowohuckiej 33


We kindly invite you to try our meals

Breakfast - 12 PLN / each
Breakfasts are served in the hostel every day, from 7.30 till 11.30 a.m
Breakfast consists of:
You can also order dinners (served in an affiliate restaurant). The price varies from 19 to 24 PLN

We offer you delicious meals of Polish traditional cuisine in a nice restaurant "Gosciniec" at the foothill of Wawel Hill.

We guarantee tasty food and very good service!

Soup: II course: Desserts:

Choice of ice-cream and pastries.


Mineral water*.

Price for a meal: * Additional choice of drinks at the bar.
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